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Lady Is A Perverted Carpet-muncher And Thena Loves Her For It

Lady Lez had just turned 18 when I met her but she already bragged about having fucked over 100 girls. I guess that makes Thena number 101 – LOL – 101 Lesbians…. She did admit to having fucked one guy – guess he wasn’t all that good cuz she never tried it again. As a […]

Tight Coed Cunt Thena Sky Gets Filmed By Her Brother

Demon brought his sister to us after she dented his Harley. The little harlot was not too excited to be making her first smut video and she was even more upset that her brother was filming it. Now for my part, I like fucking teenager twats that are 20 years younger than myself – hell, […]

Your Sister Giggles When I Suck Her Nipples

I know it’s weird to hear but seriously homie, your sister has ticklish nipples. Of course, you know this cuz you the pervert filming me as I sucked on your sister’s perky little nipples. For those of you that haven’t seen your froward little sisters on shoot yet, you should check out our sister site […]

My Brother Filmed Me Fucking

I dented my fucking brother’s Harley and the bastard thinks he can video me fucking some old man to get vengeance. I’ve always known my brother was a voyeur – he used to hide in the bathroom closet when I was in the shower and my parent’s weren’t dwelling. My parents never believed me when […]

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